Dermalogica is a very popular,

professional US company whose products have received many awards from well-known fashion

and skin care magazines for their excellence in men and women’s products.

In many professional skin care magazines,

Dermalogica’s products were chosen as the best for estheticians.


~Beauty Science Day Spa Dermalogica Point System~

For every 2,000 Yen spent for your Dermalogica products,

you receive one stamp toward your point card.

Once you have filled your card, you may choose to claim your free Darmalogica product

or save your cards up to a total of six and claim a more expensive product.

Feel free to choose your favorite Dermalogica product or ask for your aesthetician's expert opinion.


                                                                         Dermalogica HP                                                                   

With nature never far from the minds of those at Dermologica,
this amazing company has pioneered new standards for product performance for years
while adhering to their strict policy of not participating in animal testing.
Combining their ingenuity with the finest ingredients available,
Dermologica’s products are non-comedogenic and without occlusive mineral oil, lanolin,
irritating artificial colors or fragrance, and drying S.D. alcohol or formaldehyde.


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